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How to play Blu-ray discs on Power DVD
PowerDVD 13 Ultra, targeted PC player for you to play any disc formats, including Blu-ray discs!

What's NEW in PowerDVD 13 Ultra (compared to PowerDVD 8):
  • Blu Ray Discs Support
  • TrueTheater HD
  • TrueTheater Motion
  • PowerDVD Cinema Mode
  • FancyView Navigation
  • HDMI 1.3 Support
  • AVCHD and AVCREC Support
PowerDVD 13 Ultra - Blu-ray Disc Player
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Guides: for you to play a Blu Ray Disc in PowerDVD

In this paragraph below will show you play Blu Ray in PowerDVD step by step, you can buy and download PowerDVD 13 Ultra ($99.95) first and install it to your PC.
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Step 1. Run your Blu Ray disc in PowerDVD
Run your PC and insert the Blu-ray disc you want to play, CyberLink PowerDVD will automatically play the disc.
Tips: If the Blu-ray disc has been already put in the drive, double-click the PowerDVD icon on the desktop and click "Select Source" button Choose the Blu ray disc want to play, choose "Open movie files on hard disk drive", then click to play it.

Step 2. Blu-ray Disc settings
a. Click the "Configure PowerDVD Settings" button, all the usual options you would expect are here
b. Click "Blu-ray Disc" table, you can configure the Blu-ray playback settings such as where you would like persistent storage files to be located (these are things like bookmarks, downloads when PowerDVD is updated with BD-Live compatibility).
c. You can also specify your network speed, your country code and of course, the region settings with a limited change counter (now with a nice and colourful map to show you what the regions are).
Tips: There might be a way to by-pass the region protection if your Blu-ray drive is not hardware locked.
Set for Blu-ray Disc to play in PowerDVD  

Step 3. Remix your Blu Ray Movie

Movie Remix is basically a simplified movie editor that allows you to add various effects and objects to the Blu-ray movie. Things like alternate subtitles, speech bubbles. You can create some very silly things, replace audio tracks or just add new subtitles tracks for foreign language films like those Hitler "Downfall" clips you see on YouTube all the time
  Remix Blu-ray Movie in Power DVD  
Using PowerDVD, you also can upload or download movie remix files on MooiveLive website, and read other users' movie reviews...
Note: CyberLink PowerDVD 13 Ultra is the most powerful edition, supports all HD discs including: Blu-ray Discs, AVCHD and more...You also can order and download the other two editions but with Blue-ray disc unsupported: PowerDVD 13 Pro ($79.95), PowerDVD 13 Standard ($49.95).

99% customers selected PowerDVD
Version: PowerDVD 13 Ultra
Delivery: Download, License key
Price: ($99.95)

30 Days Money Back Guaranteed!

30 Days Money Back  Guarantee


  • "PowerDVD delivers new dimensions in the way you will enjoy your movies."

    - Burn World, USA
  • "The best DVD playback software on the market."

    - Tweak Town, Australia
  • "PowerDVD 13 adds several fun and useful features to PowerDVD 8, while still maintaining the high quality of the essential features."

    - Digital Digest, USA
  • "CyberLink's PowerDVD has always been one of the coolest, and most versatile playback applications. Today, it got even more versatile"

    - CNET Blog, USA
  • "If you're a film-nut and want to spill your beans on a dedicated website then PowerDVD 13 has got to be the way to go, and this is even truer if you're into your High-Definition content."

  • "All in all it looks great, and in time when the MoovieLive website gets going it can probably only get better."

    -, UK
  • "Perhaps the most interesting aspect is the "Movie Remix" feature, which lets you re-edit your DVDs by cutting and rearranging movie scenes."

    - PC Pro, UK



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